No Excuses: Cardio Pump Workout for a Healthy Body

What’s your excuse? For not exercising enough? For eating that extra slice of pizza or cake? If you’re serious about having a healthy body and are looking to make changes in your life, then stop making excuses and follow this cardio pump workout routine to build the strength and stamina as well as to lose excess fat! This workout program requires no equipment other than yourself and can be performed in the comfort of your own home, no matter what time of day or night it is! Follow the instructions below and begin today!

A Cardio Pump Workout

No excuses, getting a healthy body does take effort. You can’t just sit on your butt and expect to lose weight or gain muscle. You have to put in work every day and that work should be focused around cardio workouts. If you’re looking for an effective, efficient workout then do cardio pump. This fast-paced HIIT exercise is no joke; it will burn off fat and get you into shape. However, if done correctly it can build up some muscles and turn into more of an endurance workout as well; making your body better able to handle any situation life throws at you! All in all cardio pump is by far one of my favorite workouts because I know that after I complete it I’ll feel like nothing could stop me.

Warm Up with Jumping Jacks

You’ll need to break a light sweat before hitting your target heart rate, so get your blood pumping with jumping jacks. If you feel out of breath, that’s normal—just give yourself time to warm up. Alternate between 20 seconds of jumping jacks and 10 seconds of rest for 5-10 minutes, or until you feel warm. Then move on to…
Running in place is another great way to warm up. Start by walking at a brisk pace in place for 30 seconds, then speed up into running for another 30 seconds.
Repeat as needed until you begin feeling warmer and ready to exercise more vigorously (but still safely).
You will want to stretch before running.

How to Do the Exercise

A healthy cardio pump workout requires resistance and endurance. If you want to lose weight and tone your body, try these exercises: Squats: Holding two dumbbells, stand up straight. Bend your knees until your upper legs are parallel to the floor, keeping your back straight at all times. Lower yourself down until you feel comfortable then push yourself back up with force.
To make sure you’re not doing too much at once, take three seconds to lower yourself and five seconds to raise yourself; repeat ten times.


Holding two dumbbells in each hand, place one foot on a box or bench that is around knee height and place most of your weight on it while balancing with your other foot behind you. Slowly step up onto the box, bringing your front leg forward as far as possible. Repeat ten times before switching sides.


Standing upright holding two dumbbells in each hand, take a large step forward with one leg and bend both knees so that your front thigh is parallel to the ground and lower yourself down slowly until you feel comfortable then push yourself back up quickly. Take three seconds to lower yourself and five seconds to raise yourself; repeat 10 times before switching sides.

Bent Over Rows:

With two dumbbells held at arm’s length next to your waist, bend over from your hips (not from your waist) so that your torso is nearly parallel to the floor.

Cool Down

To have a healthy body, you need to consistently exercise and follow a balanced diet. One of my favorite exercises is cardio pump; it works every part of your body and keeps your heart rate at an elevated level during all intervals of exercise. The best thing about cardio pump is that each movement targets different muscle groups; so you will use more muscles without thinking about it! I like to perform sets of 20 repetitions throughout my workout, which helps me tone up quickly.
Remember: consistency is key when it comes to exercising!

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