Top 5 Outstanding Tips To Burn Calories While Swimming

In this article You will learn how to burn more calories as you swim fast and smart than ever before

1. Full Body Workout
2. I M (Individual medley) sets
3. Increase Intensity
4. Interval Training
5. Equipments.

1. Full Body workout;

what does that mean?
Think about it when You go to the gym, You don’t just do upper body or lower body or a bunch of sit-ups, You work out Your entire body, and what are incorporate is many muscle groups. Its possible You want to do upper body, You want to do lower body, and in the pool, it’s not any difference, you’ve got to train all different part of Your body.

When we talk about full body workouts, we’re talking about working every single muscle group.
We’re going to talk about that in more details.

In Second point, we will be talking about how training Your legs, lower body during kick set not ignoring that making sure pushing up the walls high tides streamlines, If you can do this incorporate some kick set in all of your workouts It’s going to burn a tonne of calorie. Because kicking is really enticing.

Imagine humidity of water 800x more existence than air, but also you’re warming up the rest of your body, and you’re improving your stroke efficiency, so You can swim faster and engage more muscles. You do all of that by incorporating bit of kicking into every 2 of workout or at least in some of the workout you do on weekly basis.

Also, when it comes to upper body we talk about doing some pool exercises. So if you swim with paddles, snorkels, pool blocks, they’re different ways to engage real isolate different part of your body, which is highly important if you’re trying to burn more calories and frankly if you’re trying to swim faster and take your swimming to the next level.

Real indispensable workout and of course the core is how you push the wall during underwater dolphin kicks. Maybe you kick in the streamline and your back, then you get to move your legs and your core at the same time. That’s Double whelming.

The second swimming routine which you can burn tonnes of calories is

2. I M (Individual Medley) set

You can replace I M set with doing Stroke Wards, but basically doing
• Butterfly stroke
• Back stroke
• Breast stroke &
• Freestyle stroke on a somewhat regular basis You don’t have to swim ‘IM’, workouts or do I M sets every single workout, but I highly recommend incorporating some level of ‘IM’ in weekly basis.

So if You train 5 times per week, You train a little of I M you need all of your workout or have your entire workouts at least once per week dedicated in training all the different part strokes, and the reason why you want to do all this not only for burning more calories, but being a better swimmer overall, You get great stroke variation and this stroke variation engages more muscle groups, where we talked about why you want to engage your upper body and lower body when you go to gym.

You don’t only lift bench press, you don’t skip all day, you want to make sure you’re hitting up the different muscle groups and alongside that, you want to make sure You do all the different strokes, because different strokes engages the body in different ways.

So its really important thing not hit up only the upper body and the lower body, but you perform all the different strokes and by getting more of this muscle activation, you’re going to end up burning more calories.

Because your body has to work harder to use more muscle moving through the water. And also, I would encourage incorporating this in your warm-up.
We will talk about the workout at the end of this article, You will be able to know how I M is incorporating in the warm-up and throughout the set to really get that muscle activation.
Then the third step here is

3. Increasing Intensity;

This is three of the most obvious ways If you want to burn more calories.
Simply work harder, that sort of true, but you got do it in a smarter way.

So when we talk about high intensity, that literally means doing more work. With a lot of intensity, when you do more work, you’re burning more calories.
So how do you actually burn more calories?
You have to increase your tempo, your speed, which means you might need to increase all the rest you have

But ultimately, you need to increase the intensity. You need to do that by having shorter distances, and swimming in a faster pace.
We will talk about this in a bit;
It’s much more difficult to swim in a high rate of speed, If you’re swimming for 20 minutes continuously. If you break it up to check the distance, you will be able to swim with higher intensity, therefore increasing your heart rate, doing more work and burning more calories.

I know its easy and considered some lazy. But if you just swim slow in the entire workout, you will notice a rapid increase in your swimming intensity.

Here is very quick example ;
A 155lbs male swimmer swims freestyle slow for 1hr can burn 490 calories,
If He swims faster He’s going to burn 700 calories.

There we go to the fourth swimming routine to burn calories

4. Interval Training

Such you kind of burn those calories and refuel with the right stop. Make sure you’re breaking up your swims. Because when you break up your swims, rather than swimming in 1mile, in 1kilometer continuously, basically it allows you to increase your intensity by breaking up the workout.

Use for an example;
You could swim 1×1000 meters continuously, or you could do 10×100’s.
So, you can think about 100 meters take a break, 100 meters take a break, isn’t that less beneficial of a workout if you’re taking all this break?
The answer is No.

Because you’re actually getting a better workout, because you can swim in a higher intensity and in a higher stroke mechanics and efficiency when you have it broken up.

The fifth swimming ways to burn calories which is my favorite is

5. Increasing muscle activation with equipments;

How can it be achieved?
Basically adding fins, paddles, anything that can increase human resistance that you have in the water.

Unlike lifting weights in gym, your increase in muscle activation, which increases your heart rate, because you have to work hard, and when work harder, you’re going to end up burning more calories.

So it’s really important to incorporate equipment and make sure you’re doing a big incorporation of different strokes and that’s how you’re going to burn most Calories.

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